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the gods ix by Donald Kuspit



you too were broken

                                 on the rack of wonder,

the passing of it all

                              into the problematic,

the noble dissolved

                               in the trivial,

the sky crushed

                         by its own emptiness.

temples no longer

                            live in the clouds,

breathing the mist

                            of my longing,

the truth no longer

                              pours from the cornucopia

of consciousness,

                            eyes no longer lift themselves

in devotion,

                   their wisdom the empty stare

of the eyeless statue.

                                 you have worn out

your welcome in the world,

                                            but you are always

welcome in my world

                                   of words,

which like you

                       will only be remembered

by strangers

                   terrorized by the final silence.

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Donald Kuspit


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the gods ix by Donald Kuspit