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the gods ii by Donald Kuspit



burdened, by the endless

     misunderstanding of being,

erupting from the beginning,

          beginning again and again,

as though there was no end

                                            to measure,

no final form to the despair

       lingering in wisdom,

the wordlessness of your forms

  giving my words courage.


give again,

                 that I never need again,

transcendence staring me

    in the face at twilight,

when the wind conquers

                                       the skyscrapers,

leaps towards your temples

                                            in myths,

where the cities collapse

                                       into pastorals,

and death emerges,

       witless and directionlessness,

its arrows bent

by the silence

which triumphs over all.

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Donald Kuspit


2005-2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

the gods ii by Donald Kuspit