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the gods v by Donald Kuspit



words have lost their whimsy,

and all that is left is death,

and hints of gods

                unbroken on the rack of time,

unchurned by the chaos

                                      abiding in the inevitable.


their patience is the only power.

                                                   wisdom comes

with the loss of words,

                                    seeing beyond their futility

to unbroken silence,

                                ignoring their broken promises

for the final innocence.


 emptiness grows luminous

as eyes falter

        flying with angels beyond the sky,

where nothing is left to be seen,

                                                   fate at last free

to drag me unresisting

                                   to the gods in my grave.

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Donald Kuspit


2005-2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

the gods v by Donald Kuspit