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the gods i by Donald Kuspit



they are more ancient

          than words,

and more turbulent

      and innocent, unalterably.

too wild to be reined in

             by recognition,

to be tamed by thought,

                                      branded by consciousness.

too infinite to be broken

   on the rack of reason

however stretched out of shape

                                                  into ideas. 


when their rambling silence

                                             casts its shadow

in human speech

                           meaning no longer miscarries.


            they freshen human existence,

making it unconscious

                                    of itself.

wonder re-asserts its rights,

                    bringing the gods

into careless view again,

   hesitantly given by the sky

dressing them in light.

            they precipitate out of the invisible,

instantly dissolving

                               into incomprehensibility.

emptying the perception

                                       impinging on them,

reclaiming their innocence

                                           by unburdening themselves

of the beings

                     they created when they began time.

they renew the indifference

                                            of eternity

whenever they make

         a human difference.

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Donald Kuspit


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the gods i by Donald Kuspit