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the gods vi by Donald Kuspit



still in need of me,

                              as the need for you

grows in me,

         for we need each other

to live on

   now that we no longer

need words

       to live on,

now that we can only

          grow in silence,

never outgrowing

     each other

so long as we are able

           to grow unseen.


do not fool me

                        as all my other loves have,

do not fail me

                      the way i fail myself,

do not abandon me

                               to meaninglessness

the way words have.

                                 your sky has gone gray,

but i find you

                       in the hint of light

lingering unseen,

                           a seductive fossil

of feeling

                i find preserved between

the faded pages

             of childhood feeling.

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Donald Kuspit


2005-2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

the gods vi by Donald Kuspit