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the gods x by Donald Kuspit



we have become strangers

                                          to ourselves,

like the dead.

                      but stuck between eternity

and time we are neither

                                     dead nor alive

but hopelessly nave,

                                  birds that must always return

to the ark of memory

                                 for no fresh land is ever in sight.

the only freshness is our flight,

                                                 for earth spoiled

by impiety

     can no longer see the sky.


we must breed

                       our own destinies

with words,

                   for they alone can break

our fall when

                     our wings finally falter,

dropping us

       into the meaninglessness.

there at last we wonder

                                     with no net

of consciousness

                           to catch us

before we become completely


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Donald Kuspit


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the gods x by Donald Kuspit