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the gods iv by Donald Kuspit



more whimsical than impulse,

            and more blunt,

your silence puts words

                                      to shame,

your calm embarrasses


you never fail me

    however much i may fail myself,

tempted by despair,

       as though to unburden wisdom

of care,

memory of meaning.

whirligigs abound

     in the stillness,

marking time

         with their movement,

solemn as the flames

         that arch the sky,

the eye passing through

 to pure light

filtered by the infinite

           innocence of your indifference,

blinding me with its radiance.

           grant me insight into the stars

before i lose sight,

     that i finally love the darkness

that is greater than them,

    and you.





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Donald Kuspit


2005-2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

the gods iv by Donald Kuspit