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the gods vii by Donald Kuspit



the gods have lost

                             their recklessness,

their intensity exhausted     

   in rituals of images

and ideas,

    their altars cluttered

with tarnished trophies

             of intricate thought,

their bodies embalmed

in manufactured enigmas.


o once again to find

        a fresh sky

beyond the cross

   of consciousness,

even the more miraculous

     sky unclouded

by the unconscious.

       unadulterated eternity

in a flower,

      the sacred freshly blossoming

in the immensity

   of its colorís innocence,

feeling no longer forcefed

      by longing

for the illimitable

    but content

with the incomprehensibly


simple seeing

          of simple being,

unseen gods spreading

            like pollen

from the plenitude

     of simplicity.


look with the outward eye,

                                           for the inward looking

eye has become vain,

          knowing what it sees

before it sees it,

                         so that it can never truly see it.

look without wanting

to  know,

               without mutilating with meaning.

only the simply seen

         breeds unknown gods,

 no other kind being known


only in life distilled

                               into immaculate immediacy

can gods be seen,

     if never again reckless

enough to power life,

          let alone last forever.

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Donald Kuspit


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the gods vii by Donald Kuspit