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the gods xii by Donald Kuspit



you keep finding me

                                 where there is no self left to find,

my body huddled

                            in a corner of my consciousness

like a homeless myth.

                                   i am the bone 

that is the secret

                          of your survival,

the wordless thought

                                 that is your flesh.

the world shreds you

                                  with its suffering,

but you abide

                      in the bleeding silence,

inarticulate as wisdom.

                                     wonders will cease

when you are deciphered;

                                         warrior shadows

will overrun the world.

             you will become

the outspoken emptiness

                                       enduring in stone,

raw as the ruins

             of ancient thought

in mutable memory,

                                the death that finally triumphs

when the self

                     falls back on its fading memories.

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Donald Kuspit


2005-2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

the gods xii by Donald Kuspit