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Visual Arts

Per Contra Prize


A Fera by Astrid Cabral - Click Here


Aspects of the Poem and Memories by Kelly Cherry - Click Here


The Eternal Predicament by Thomas Chimes - Click Here


La Última Cena Catedral de Cusco by Odi Gonzales - Click Here


burdens i, burdens ii and burdens iii by Donald Kuspit - Click Here


flurry of beloved i and flurry of beloved ii by Donald Kuspit - Click Here


Búfalos by Eduardo Moran - Click Here


Historia by Antonio Preciado Bedoya - Click Here


Fin De Año y Señor Forastero by Augusto Rodriguez - Click Here


Word Processing at Fredda Brown's Farmhouse in Ghent, New York by Gary Sledge - Click Here




The Last Supper Cathedral of Cusco Translated by Lynn Levin - Click Here


Five Translations by Alexis Levitin with Fernando Iturburu - Click Here


The Battle of Maldon Translated by David R. Slavitt - Click Here





Per Contra Poetry Winter 2007 - 2008

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