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flurry of beloved i



your face held the last sweetness

                                 that life once was,

when there was no time,

                       and thought ran smoothly,

a lyric spring

              from succulent senses,

with the sky less blue

                      than your blazing eyes.

to forget again

               what was never memory

yet returns to intimacy

                       more intense

than inevitability,

                   flowing freely in the stream of light,

the sun abandoned

                 in your skin,

the sky massive

               with your face

unfurled in mourning

                    for the self i could never be

except in the embrace

                     of your smile.






flurry of beloved ii



stripped of the name

                    that made you common clothing,

you were nakedness nuanced

                           by innocence,

flesh fed by the miraculousness

                               of shaded light,

waiting for the start of time.

                              my senses were emboldened satyrs

fresh with mindlessness,

                        my impulses whetted by wonder,

your shape spurring them on,

                           lavishing its curves on their force.

i sprang, and you turned aside,

                               one more intimacy

left in the lurch,

                  even as the bliss of its memory

grew bolder,

            finally bringing the moment

when we blended in myth,

                        you calmly willing,

and i losing

            my animal consciousness in your calm.


Donald Kuspit


Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas.