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The Look by Jessica Taboada

"When my teacher asked me what I was doing, I was too embarrassed to say.  Instead, I told her that I didn’t understand.  With a sigh, she took me to the back of the classroom by the hand, like she always did, and explained to me in a slow and clear voice that we were making “Tur-keys” which is what the “Na-tive A-mer-i-cans” ate at the first “Thanks-giv-ing.”

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The Pursuit of Automation: Open Notebook Science.  The Per Contra Interview with Jean-Claude Bradley - Click Here

"It can be pretty polarizing sometimes,” he says, when asked if traditional researchers, who work in competitive environments, react well to the idea of open notebooks.  "There are a group of people, most of them younger, who are about to enter the research sphere; those people tend to be very enthusiastic about this."


Politically Correct?  The Per Contra Interview with Steve Vivian - Click Here

"You’re right to note that censorship of literature is practiced by both religious fundamentalists and PC fundamentalists. Literature – at least the best of it – is stubbornly individualistic, produced by writers who are devoted to producing an aesthetic experience that’s somehow unique: in characterization, perhaps, or in theme, or in quality and texture or prose."