Per Contra Celebrates

Our First Anniversary



Per Contra celebrated a year of publishing on November 28, 2006. In that year, we were pleased to present fiction, poetry and visual arts from a group of talented artists. Many were present to take part in our celebration. Reading for the occasion were Richard Burgin, Paula Marantz Cohen, Daniel Hoffman, Lynn Levin, David R. Slavitt, and Elaine Terranova. We appreciate their contributions to both the journal and to our celebration.

Many readers attended and we hope to soon make an announcement regarding the rebroadcast of the event. We will also be posting photos soon. Thanks to all of you for helping to make Per Contra's first year a success, and thank you to all who read Per Contra and those who send encouragement and helpful criticism. You are valuable friends.


And we would like to offer special thanks to the Drexel Collection, The College of Arts and Sciences, The Certificate in Writing and Publishing, The Department of English and Philosophy and Magnificent Minds.  All are a part of Drexel University and all contributed to helping us celebrate and helped to provide a perfect environment for our celebration and reading.

We were also pleased to present the Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Awards.  The Awards were presented by Jane McGuffin, Ph.D.,
presented in the memory of her mother Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson.  Jane McGuffin is a psychologist and president of Harmony Mental Health Services, Inc.. Her poetry has been published in many publications, including Per Contra.  The winners of those awards are:



The Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature

David R. Slavitt

David R. Slavitt is the author of books of poetry, fiction, translations, criticism and nonfiction and recipient of the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award.



The Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Visual Arts

Lynn Blackwell Denton

Lynn Blackwell Denton is a Philadelphia-based painter, installation artist, performance artist and filmmaker.



The Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Award to an Emerging Artist in Literature

Ania Vesenny

Ania Vesenny is a Baffin Island (a Canadian Arctic island) author whose works have been published in several magazines, including Per Contra.



The Evelyn Sullivan Gilbertson Award to an Emerging Artist in Visual Arts

Angela Victor

Angela Victor is a Philadelphia resident whose work explores large-scale installations, including drawings and sculptures.


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