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Per Contra interviews Alex Katz, Eric Fischl and April Gornik, with selected works.  Plus the Tibetan Photo Project, on individuals capturing a culture through pictures and Photography by Abioseh Porter.

Music - Click Here

Juno Reactor: Per Contra Interviews Plus - "Hotaka," the electronic aesthetic collides with Taiko.

Fiction - Click Here

Featuring works by Sefi Atta, Russell Bittner, Liesl Jobson, Petina Gappah and Kathy Fish.

Poetry - Click Here

Featuring works by George Garrett, Daniel Hoffman, Lynn Levin, Sean Farragher and David R. Slavitt.

Non-Fiction - Click Here

Essays by Paul D. Green, Larry Silver, Per Contra Correspondent Chris Nickson covers stories told well, creative non-fiction by Ann Sitarz.

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Per Contra - Fall 2006