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Table of Contents Winter 2009

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The Per Contra Light Verse Supplement

A Note From The Editors - Click Here

Changes for Per Contra, information for readers and contributors alike.

Fiction - Click Here

Featuring works by Elaine Chiew, Clifford Garstang, Mary Lynn Reed, Bruce Holland Rogers and Molara Wood, and Miriam N. Kotzin's Per Contra Interview with Molara Wood.

Poetry - Click Here

Poetry by Maritza Cino, David Curzon, Reesom Haile, Sonia Manzano, Margaret A. Robinson, Laurie Rosenblatt, Mark Rudman, Rajee Seth, David R. Slavitt, Jane Kennedy Stuppin and Alice Teeter. Translation by Charles Cantalupo, Alexis Levitin, David R. Slavitt, Aruna Sitesh and Arlene Zide.

Visual Arts - Click Here

Featuring the Per Contra Interview with Judith Stone, and Dr. Eric Denker interviews the painter and printmaker Jack Boul.

Non-Fiction - Click Here

Featuring Climbing Up the Rough Side of the Mountain: Excerpts from a book in progress by Norman and Velma Hill with David Evanier, and reviews by Miriam N. Kotzin, Chris Myers and Robert Zaller.




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