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Winter 2009

Visual Arts

Judith Stone, The Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin

"My mother assured me that I could have a successful career in the visual arts if I wanted one, but, until the advanced age of 29, I passed through a number of other ambitions - horsewoman, dancer, gourmet cook, writer - before the desire to work full-time as an artist positioned itself as central and permanent. In fact, the decision was made very shortly after my motherís death. And I donít believe only coincidence was operating here."

Interview with the Painter and Printmaker Jack Boul by Dr. Eric Denker

"My parents were very supportive of anything I was interested in and so I went to the American Artists School in New York as a young person. Iím not sure if it was more to encourage me in my art or to keep me off the street."







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