wondrous beloved vi

by Donald Kuspit

we're together,
                   yet words apart,
             between the syllables,
our moment held fast
                            in limping words,
enduring in stuttering time,
                                        our instincts
intimate in the unspoken.

                                     senses lavish
with longing,
                 mind alert to wonder,
you fresh
             in the unscarred mirror–
let us blur
               together in the beyond,
where words are healed
                              and myths are made.
angels will cherish our bones,
                                          and our dust
will swirl in clouds
                            of consciousness
with them,
              as sublime as their mystery.
the gods will comfort us
                                    with their comprehension,
our love as ancient
                           as they are,
forlorn language forgotten
                                  as words pass their prime,
leaving us together in the boldness
                                           of their silence.