The sphinx followed the footsteps of the wanderer

by Carmen Váscones.
Translated by Alexis Levitin.

The sphinx followed the footsteps of the wanderer
she conceived an enigma
she opened her palate with a slash
she circled the desert with her cries
engendered a tongue for someone absent
a strange displeasure touched her origins
she began to hear the echo of the craggy spring
separated from her name she asked herself who am I
she demolished indifference
for the first time a sob accompanied her gaze
the mirror never wished to be her confidant
the wind carried her voice towards exile
her appropriation of being announced what is hidden
the ghost of the act brought the path to light.
They saw themselves in the babbling of the spring
sonorous breath of a gesture like an accent
in the descent to the perverse she recognized the man
she fled into his arms
she bit into pleasure
he encircled her with tenderness.

Night whirls amongst flesh on flesh
the storm her music
they excavate her secret
their bodies an exodus.
Between the two a mortal intimacy.