Meditations on Snow 7: Lost friend

by Ferral Willcox

See her, under ice. Her drink, sea glass
green, lost chalice of ice. Porcelain clink
of glass on sink. See her think in teacup
chime, spilling iridescent iris

green, lost chalice in a purse, clinks
metallic, kissing ice, her drink now twice
chimed, spilling palace in an iris
tempest, cursed. See her think the past

metallic, kissing friends, now lost twice,
poem crumpled in a purse, cursive
tempest, cursed. The ice, too thick, the past,
a fantasy, a palace in a glass.

A poem, crumpled in the trash, cursive
evidence, a friend, now lost, immersed
in fantasy, her story etched in glass
See her under ice, too thick, coerced

by evidence of silver past, immersed
at last in verse, in the trash of breaking,
reach her under frozen spell, coerced
once, now twice from story etched in wish

At last, in verse, iridescent, breaking
glass on sink of silver past, teacup
once, now twice, iced porcelain of wish
to reach her under frozen spell of glass