All Visual Art

Below is a list of visual art published in Per Contra since Issue 37. Older work can be found in the archive.

Issue 37 - Nonfiction


Art As Healing Magic: Hans Breder’s Chakras


Issue 38 - Nonfiction


Beginning Nature Again: Joe Danciger’s Landscape Paintings


Issue 39 - Nonfiction


The Romantic Subject: Art As the Embodiment Of Creative Illness by Donald Kuspit

Let me begin by comparing three works of art, two paintings by Ingres and a print by Goya, all of which are about the romantic subject, who is of course the modern artist--the symbol of the modern idea of the fundamental irrationality of the human subject.


Nonobjectivity As A Crisis Of Subjectivity by Donald Kuspit

Modern science and modern art are opposed, however much they have a certain uncanny resemblance.


The Semiotic Anti-Subject: Postmodernism's Repudiation of Subjectivity by Donald Kuspit

What is postmodernism? There are all too many definitions, all agreeing on only one thing: something has changed, socioartistically as well as aesthetically.