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Per Contra's 1st Anniversary (New Pictures!) - Click Here

Fiction - Click Here

Featuring Richard Burgin, Barbara Jacksha, Daniel Karasik, Nathan Leslie and R. T. Smith.

The Per Contra Prize - Click Here

$1,000 Grand prize plus publication at professional rate for winner of Per Contra's Short Fiction Contest!

Poetry - Click Here

Featuring Vincent Katz, Tanure Ojaide and Ruth Stone.

Visual Arts - Click Here

Featuring Lynn Hershman Leeson, Donald Kuspit on Michael Somoroff's Illumination I, the Per Contra interview with Michael Somoroff and Larry Silver on Hieronymus Bosch.

Non-Fiction - Click Here

Per Contra Reviews by Arlene Ang and Miriam N. Kotzin.

Per Contra Tech - Click Here

Alison Lewis will show you how to find what you're seeking.

Per Contra Reviews of Books- Click Here





Issues 1 through 4.






Per Contra Winter 2006-2007