Table of Contents, Issue 18



Sefi Atta, The Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin



Loveland Pass by Mel Bosworth

Nadine by Stephen Dixon

The Parking Victim by Robert Kaye

A Dry and Dusty Home by T.C. McCarthy

Trunk Story by M.E. Parker

Punctuation by Elizabeth Thorpe



A Murder of Crows by Sarah Kennedy

Not Staying In, Not Going Out by Margaret A. Robinson

The Headstone and Tar Job by Philip Sultz

The Bucket by Alice Teeter



Hands in the Grave XXX and XXXI by Santiago Vizcaíno Translated by Alexis Levitin

Your work by Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Translated by Jacqueline Michaud

To My Father by John Milton Translated from the Latin by David R. Slavitt 


Visual Arts

Philip Sultz, The Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin


Book Reviews

Lewis Putnam Turco. Satan’s Scourge, A Narrative of the Age of Witchcraft, a book review by Joe Danciger


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