Wars of Truth: Milton's Areopagitica in the Twenty-first Century by Paul Green - Click Here

"In our own troubled times, with individual liberties being threatened all over the globe, Areopagitica, still speaks to us, with its reasonable arguments, clever strategies, and lively idioms, metaphors, and analogies."


The Sexless Land: Social and Phonological Change by Maria de la luz Matus-Mendoza - Click Here

"Mexicans have come from states located on the Mexican plateau to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, for more than thirty-five years. Some informants’ accounts date the first immigrant to the area by the mid-seventies, “I know a former worker from this same company who currently lives in his hometown, la Ordeña. He worked long enough that he now receives his pension there.” For many years, those workers experienced cyclic migration; alternating long periods working in the U.S. with short periods of time living with their family in Mexico."


Erica Jong: The Per Contra Interview - Click Here

"I always knew there was something not right about it, something missing because it was a series of meditations on writing. At a certain point I realized that unless it basically had an autobiographical essay about my struggles as a writer, it wouldn’t really resonate with readers"


How the Mutuality Paradigm Fosters Freedom by Gordon Fellman - Click Here

"Also in history, playing second fiddle to the adversary paradigm, is what I call the “mutuality paradigm,” in which the point of encounters is to maintain the humanization of the other, and to relate to them and to nature itself with respect, empathy, compassion, and even love. It is this state of affairs that religions idealize and imagine happening eventually."


The Fight for Freedom in Iraq by Captain K. Knox Nunnally - Click Here

"Younger than most of the men he led, he was none the less admired and obeyed by all. Though not a veteran of Saddam’s old Army like several of his men, he was respected and trusted because unlike many other Iraqi officers, he went out on patrol with his men. He refused to order them anywhere he would not go himself; he always led from the front. He earned the respect of not just his men, but also the Marines with whom he served. Lieutenant Ibrahaim was a Marine’s type of leader."


Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by Father Shane Tharp - Click Here

"The word “freedom” has two connoted meanings: one negative, the other positive.  In the negative sense, freedom refers to a freedom from something, e.g. freedom from coercion.  In the positive sense, freedom refers to a capacity to do something, such as the freedom to assemble peaceably.  This distinction brings to the fore a critical issue surrounding the nature of freedom."

The Dea[r]th of Solitude by Miriam N. Kotzin - Click Here

My friend and I made wry comments about Big Brother watching us, and how creepy we felt being watched—or knowing that we could be. Were the cameras on or were they just advertising?  We didn’t know.




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