"Fortuna Egozi Pierces Her Ears" Ruth Behar - Click Here

"Upon learning that Fortuna didn’t have pierced ears, her friend Leonor Rodríguez shook her head in dismay. “A Latina has to have pierced ears,” Leonor exclaimed. “It’s tradition.”


"The Stain" by Paula Marantz Cohen - Click Here

“Tell me,” David said, his voice even, “why you would put cranberry sauce on the seat"


"Inertia" by Alicia Gifford - Click Here

"So there's this rustling in the leaves and she goes over and kicks around with her toe and uncovers a little bunny rabbit, gray and white, something awful in its eyes and panting."


"Sister Gwendolyn" by Antonios Maltezos - Click Here

"She landed hard on her tailbone, struggled to control her breathing. Her husband was the first to peer over the edge, make eye contact. She was able to read his lips before he disappeared from view."


"Autumn in Zimbabwe" by Wadzanai Mhute - Click Here

"In the rainy season, the streets surrounding Duncan Preparatory school were filled with Jacaranda trees that bloomed purple flowers. The year was 1989. Simadi was eleven years old and slim again, she didn't know how. Her mom said it was just her age."


"The Left-Handed Brother" by Anthony Pirnot - Click Here

"But Mike left his cap high on his forehead and with his vulnerable face, as if he were tossing fastballs from a dark source in his subconscious, he disoriented them. None of the other kids could focus on the baseball spinning out of his hand when they looked up and saw his terrible mask: shame shame shame."



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