Translating Kierkegaard by M.G. Piety - Click Here

Søren Kierkegaard is one of the few philosophers often found on the shelves of shopping mall bookstores. Why is Kierkegaard so popular? The answer is not simply that he addresses perennial human questions, like the meaning of life, the nature of ethical and religious truth, and the debilitating nature of guilt. The answer is that he does this in a supremely readable manner.


Fall Special Section: Blogging and the Information Revolution


Blogging the Revolution by Bill Turner - Click Here

"Now, bathrobes and Boolean searches dominate news.  There are no shady characters in parking garages because any malcontent – or decent person wanting to right a grievous wrong – armed with an email account, has access to a universe of outlets for whatever information he’s willing to share.  The evening news and daily fish-wrapper are out in favor of blogrolls, and forthright subjectivity with an acknowledgement of fact."

Internet Journalism 101: Exploring the Web's Possibilities by Rachel Sawyer - Click Here

"If you stumble upon a suspect web site in the course of your personal research, you'll probably just discard it and move on. But a journalist needs to dig deeper. As a wise man once said, 'Trust but verify.' "

Advanced Internet Research by Rachel Sawyer - Click Here

"The Internet is like a huge hidden object game. Punching in a keyword in a search box can yield millions of documents, but it can be tricky to find the information you need."


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