Super Ad Blocker: Freedom from Annoying Internet Ads and Pop-ups by Vic Ferri

Super Ad Blocker is a program that helps control annoying pop up ads and advertisements while surfing the web. These "in your face ads" are one of the most aggravating aspects of the internet.  You usually encounter such ad carrying sites when searching for "free stuff" but they can really pop up anywhere.  It all depends on the web designer and the motives.  Rather than confuse you by listing a  slew of  programs which claim they can assist you with this problem. I'm going to just focus on the one I use and the one which is mostly highly regarded.
Super Ad Blocker, without question, is the "one to get" if you want to eliminate unwanted web advertising.
It not only blocks the pop ups but the actual annoying ads embedded within a page, as well as malicious spyware code that may exist on a site and which can devastate  your pc if not blocked (see my article on Spyware Freedom for more info on spyware)

Here is an image capture  to give you a better idea of how the program works:

The image below shows a typical screensaver site. Note the irrelevant "Congratulations" banner ad on top. Though you can't see it in the image, this ad is actually animated and bouncing around the page.  It is extremely distracting and bothersome.

Now here is the same ad with  Super Ad Blocker activated. No more annoying bouncing banner.  The page is now clean and you can view it without advertising distractions.

The program  also  gives you full control on what to block and makes it very easy to do. After installing the program, you will see a new icon for it on your system tray.  At any page you are visiting, you can simply right click this icon and choose your options for blocking or allowing content, as you can see from the screen shot here:

Note that you can easily allow or disallow ads from particular sites. Here, we can see that ads from the freelists site are being allowed and that you can even check to see what is running on your computer.  To better learn how to use the program, you can download a free trial copy here.
See for yourself how effective it is.  Like anything new, give it a chance. Become familiar with it and soon you will see just how effective it can be to control those pesty ads that plague the internet.
Note: the images in this article were taken with permission from the review Linda Johnson did on Super Ad Blocker.
You can see her writeup here


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