"Until recently, the problem of eating disorders among middle-aged women was largely
           overlooked in psychiatry and medicine...." --Katherine Zerbe, M.D., and Diana Domnitei, B.S.,

            in Eating Disorders Review, March/April 2004

The kind whose steady crush whispers between
your teeth as you move closer to its flame
of chocolate, knowing all along you mean
to bask a moment, then repeat the game:
this is but one of many. Some are chilling
and smooth, others can crackle with their heat,
their chips or pools of flavor never filling
your need for something certain, something sweet.
You open, taste, chew and consume them all,
then toss away their packaging resigned
that you, whatever time it takes, will call
them out from where they hide. Thus undermined
your pleasure turns to punishment; your mind
turns to automaton; you turn unkind.