O bless the old staleness
                                     with fresh light,
become the innocence
                        in emptiness,
the eternity
            history forgot.

the lameness of it all
the sky still creased
                             with old clouds,
the earth still polluted
                                With time,
the ocean static
                        in compulsive motion,
like memory.
            unable to raise the dead
as myth was once able to do
                                       it lingers
in the sterility
                        of repetition.     

but enigma also lingers,
                        enabled by the promise
in silence,
           intense with the vastness
of the possible.
                        o crown of meaning
on my crucified consciousness,
                              canker of feeling
blurring my senses,
                   you remain impossible
but unforgetable,
                 foreknown but unfathomable,
the last stand
              of my irony and hope.