You say it is love
my candy bone?
I'll give you love
it is dark water
stinking in a well.


a lace shawl
sunsnow in the yard
Well the black cat
sneezes this Valentine morning
and yesterday it was
Friday the 13th.


Five pretzels in a green
cup on a table
with wheat
heads stuck in a pot.
Two pillows
a blanket on the cot
music in the sun falling
like glass on the books and the fish
swimming in it all.


The bee in the blossom
bears acid to the hive
we burn as we have eaten.


Do something.
The window pot
is letting in the flowers.


While she waited for the stones to grow,
the shadows crept out of the corners
in shades of mole and dove
trailing the scent of lavender
whisking around the corners of the furniture
leaving behind only the chiming of emptiness —
It was then that she heard the wings
in the chimney, as though silence
were conversing with itself.


She stood
and decided to stand
while I covered her
with nothing more than
twelve glances
wine in a jelly glass
and when I had finished
she began.


After all, she was a sleight
of starlight, the sound
the moon makes in its roots — I
was the only audience,
a mere listener
among asters where music
lay tarnished
she sang among stars
with no voice at all, the mere
whisper of silence
until shadow stole us both,
sent us far as we could see.


Don't worry about it
the rug is made of hearts & flowers
a little grass
and when I tell you
it will last (forever)
I mean this while that it lasts
is good as forever.


The big blue baby
lay there on the floor
wailing for its daddy
till the big red momma came in
with a handful of green
and he saw it was no use.


It has all been done before
everything has been said
we will say it again when
it has been done again.