death shall not
                   part us,
nor unite us,
                 but linger
in us,
      emblem of our enigma
to each other,
of the solitude
                   that sustains us,
the unimaginable
                        that imagines us,
as forgetable
                 as it is inevitable.

the unconscious inconsolable,
abandoned like a sinking ship,
                                          the flood
of fantasy
              on which we float
in a raft
             of wonder,
            of what might have been
the lifeboat
                of memory,
lovers adrift
                 in the myth of ourselves.

our restless hopes
                          fly from the ark
to nest in the nothingness,
                                       and breed shells of stars
in the forgotten sky,
                             furtively seen
through the searchlit eyes
                                       of your brittle luminosity.
our skulls more fertile
                               than our fears,
o bones of my vision,
                             dance with all the other skeletal insights.