History is the unwanted cough
the dream, the unexpected life
the poem about to be written
coming indoors, past wet foxes
hey, you never invited us in
the phone call you didn't expect
to hear your husband make
the unattended exercise class
given by the son of the friend
who never expected to get pregnant
the letter you did or didn't write
the unlit candle
everything sudden
the appearance of a strange bird
cloud moving inside tree
the uneaten
language that suddenly applies
like mayday
like, my that wind is blowing
like, what was that crash

history is what happens behind the eyes
out of the grave
under the nose
in the mouth
in the stomach and bowels
history is what is happening

history is
lightning shaped like lamedhs
the pleasure of prediction
even four days of rain

embroidered cranes
framed in the doctor's office
other children screaming
the dentist in childhood
who drilled
and then said
you made it pal

history is waking each day
Opening the eyes

History is
words floating out that knit us
Spoken, printed or typed

history is what happens before the eyes
undreamed of, unrehearsed
nor only massing of troops
Unexpected capitalization
the flower on the tomato

the phone call announcing death
or new life

history is mourning
history is quoting
someone saying
History is morning

History is shoulder
if you hold ski poles wrong
Say instructors

May the net
Of illusions
Over me be cut
Though where I'd be then
Also history

History is writing this