In the alternate folio
Hamlet fights no silly duel
with Laertes, but having discharged
his family obligations
makes Fortinbras regent
and goes on a journey
to complete his education.

Years pass. Having supped
with the wise, Hamlet learns
the source of all folly.
Traveling always in disguise,
he comes upon the land of Eden
untransgressed save by himself.
Here is all that he has sought:

Plenitude, solitude, and converse
with the world. Here is nothing
that does not speak without the need
of utterance: all is taken at once,
the way a shaken bough
tells of the leaf that has left it.

Hamlet gives names to things
as honors once to minions,
unable to shake the curse of speech.
God pities his deformity
and from a rib brings fair Ophelia forth.