I'm walking to the convenience store
which isn't convenient because it never carries
the things I need: love, acceptance, encouragement.
On a frigid Yooper day, Northern Michigan is
sawdust pie frozen on a sill.

I should have stayed in, but I thought maybe
a TV dinner would soothe me—
chicken with mashed potatoes that taste like warm fog.
I slip on ice, and down I go, cracking my head
on a half-shoveled walk. Dorothy landed in Oz

when the window broke. Not me. I end up
in Ethel and Fred Mertz's apartment. The lampshade
shimmies down onto Fred's head as he sits
in a sagging-is-what-I-do chair. Ethel eats candy.
Lucy and Ricky drop by. A headache keeps me
from holding up my end of the conversation.

I drift in and out of consciousness—
like I do when Aunt Stokesia talks
about how she shook Rosalyn Carter's hand
and swears she felt the power of God
move up her arm, past her bra, and into her heart.
I remember the hairy-wristed cutie telling me
"You'll be fine. You took a bad spill." I drifted

out again. They send me home a day later,
full of instructions, doctors can sound so priestly,
and, still fuzzy, I watch an I Love Lucy marathon.
What a funny show! In this episode
Lucy and Lady Gaga try to break into Kayne West's show.

I laugh until my eyes snap shut,
a drawer closing much too fast.