Before the Prince bonks Mrs. Simpson
It is said that he knows all the pimps on
The length of the Strand,
At sea or on land,
And the price is not something he skimps on.

And of course Abdication is next,
For he cannot leave off being sexed.
"For the woman I love"
Is dropped like a glove
And becomes an historical text.

He is not very skillful at choosing
His friends. Is he bonkers or boozing?
He becomes quite the patsy
For sponger and Nazi
While betting his own side is losing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Simpson, in bed,
Performs Asian tricks with her head.
Her organs are strange,
So she narrows the range,
But the details are best left unsaid.

Dessicated and ailing and old
He is welcomed back into the fold.
As the Prodigal Mummy
That he has become, he
Must leave Wallis out in the cold.