The ebay window says [Commit to buy]
but do I really need it? Should I try
resisting this time? Save myself the cash?
If I proceed I'll own it in a flash.
Oh,... why not? It's a pleasant game to play.
Commitment's just a single click away.

I wish I hadn't done that. Now I'll bet
I'm overdrawn again. When you're in debt
they offer easy loans: No fuss. Express.
I'll get one, then put paid to all this mess
that I've got into. Sign up here today.
Commitment's just a simple click away.

I need to find a partner, one who'll give
me what the others failed to; one who'll live
to please me. Here's the quintessential site;
I've nailed it down to this one, who looks right:
Lonely, wealthy (desperate?) divorcé.
Commitment's just a single click away.

I'm really fired up now! I've got a gun
and then, when this disposal has been done,
I'll cast my net again. On second thought,
the plan could go awry; I might get caught.
My finger's on the trigger - will it stay?
Commitment's just a single click away.