Guillemets was going to Interpunct his Solidus
with a Bullet, or possibly a Dagger or Caret,
making Hash of his Numero, just two Degrees north
of his Ditto mark. He narrowly missed the Octothorpe,
dislodging his Obelus (always an Ordinal Indicator
of a man in his Prime). But Pilcrow Tilde the Section sign,
Underscoring his Understrike with a Broken Bar or Pipe.

It was the Currency of Asterism with a Tee;
Uptack and Indexed Fist, his Lozenge of Irony
and a Tie to his Diacritical Remarks about Non-English
Brackets for all but his Whitespace characters.
All of his Inverted Exclamations were to Nought.
He went out Backslash, with Dash and a great Interrobang.