The Board regrets to have to say your job has disappeared.
We’ve looked at your credentials; it’s exactly as we feared.
You’ve lived too long in Denmark to be useful to us here,
and Danish operations will be closing down next year.

You might have heard this piece of news already in the press.
If this is so, we hope it’s not been causing you distress.
We had to make it public while the Chairman was at home –
you know how much he likes to spend the winter months in Rome.

It’s partly rising interest rates, and partly that the pound
has hit the roof, while Danish kroner haven’t come around.
We feel we haven’t any choice. At times one must be hard.
And that is why we’re cancelling your business credit card.

The Board is full of gratitude for everything you’ve done.
And, everything considered, well, you’ve had a decent run.
And should you find yourself in need of anything at all,
we’ll do our best to help you. Please don’t hesitate to call.

first published in Quantum Leap