Something about the couch
Is better than the bed.
Prefer the leisured slouch
To quickly spent and dead.

Something about the kiss
Is better than the couch.
The fluent tongue of bliss
Knows more of mmm than ouch.

Something about the touch
Is better than the kiss.
The grace of not too much
Connects without a miss.

Something about the sight
Is better than the touch:
The sex of could or might
Untempted by the clutch.

Then again, the sight
Is outdone by the thought:
It's easier to get right.
It's harder to get caught.

Thought outdoes them all
When all is merely done
As in a movie hall
The endless features run,

Replaying much and much
Until the thought is dead,
Each step, from sight to touch
To kiss to couch to bed.

appeared in Green Library Press