Remembering  Zoltan Sepeshy  1898-1974

by Phil Sultz

A whole string of good yantefs, bravissimos, 
and skol to seal the deal.  I'm trying to get away 
from institutional and connubial bliss promising 
to inject a note of earthy stuff, all plus myself, a 
lowly addenda who sends love that doesn't stop 
at just any silly old crossing.  Hang on to that 
ticket to posterity, skol, palachinka, salami and 
shnapps, love and long after.  I love that kid glove 
stuff when it comes from friends, since I never 
learned to write by hand and the only person 
who could decipher my writing is dead behind 
the iron curtain.  I merely meant to say, see what 
a good club you belong to.  Let me hear from 
you when you get in the middle of the fracas.
The cat generation could have given birth to a 
much greater civilization than we poor suckers 
who insist that the globe was made for us.  Put 
in an extra swoosh for me and strain it through 
your kidneys.  Sad when your letters come to 
an end.  The burden of our economy is anything 
but light, however an occasional kilbaszi and a 
swig of drinkable is available by sheer divine 
intercession.  Dorothy arrives today with Michael 
and the 'thing',  a scooter, that is fast replacing
his parents.  Trust someday you may come up 
here and see that Grand Teton is not the only 
wilderness- and the Yankees can be just as wild 
as Tetonic fauna.  Life here goes on in amity 
and considerable creativity and not too much
concern, but genuine gratification, fondest 
sentiments and do vidzena.  I hope the great 
one will help you decipher my Balkan scrawl.
The envelope is addressed to both – it is because 
one cannot think of you separately.  Do say that 
you'll be back before another 10,000 years 
pass by letting me know a few hours or maybe 
even a day to allow me to prepare the kilbaszi 
and a jug of chianti. The breeze is from the west, 
the air crystalline and the receding hills are a
heavenly cobalt.