Issue 37 – Poetry

It was during a trip beyond the hills by Rosa Alice Branco. Translated by Alexis Levitin

It was during a trip beyond the hills.
There were paths in our words and the sound of flutes
creeping to the edges of the road. They came from the river,


The table is dirty by Rosa Alice Branco. Translated by Alexis Levitin

The table is dirty
and the chair has the mortal remains


On a Violet by Kelly Cherry

So commonly we see a single violet
Curated in a simple vase—clay pot


The Visitors by Kelly Cherry

The light was off, the room black-dark.
In black-dark, the bedroom filled


A Dog’s Bark (No. 3) by Kelly Cherry

You think a dog can’t talk?


A Dog’s Bark (No. 5) by Kelly Cherry

A dog’s bark is worth a thousand pictures.


Diego Rivera Posing with Giant Papier-mâché Devil and Girl by Stephen Gibson

When the papier-mâché devil moves its arms
to fondle the breasts of the papier-mâché girl,


In Memoriam C. E. 1957 – 2014 by Stephen Gibson

I followed a woman from one room into the next.
With light ahead, her dress became transparent.


trees i by Donald Kuspit

thoughts the waste matter
of wonder,


trees ii by Donald Kuspit

what’s left to inspire,
all the gods ground
to dust, the heights leveled,


trees iii by Donald Kuspit

not as deeply rooted
as you,
not as beholden
to the sun,


trees iv by Donald Kuspit

rise wordlessly,
clouds the only wit
left in the sky,


From Sarga 69, Book II of the Ramayana translated by David Slavitt

As Kausálya complained, Bhárata cupped his hands in reverence
and addressed her: “I am guiltless, my lady.  I knew nothing about this.


The Love Call of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Alan Soble

Matzoh is the driest bread,
made on the fly, Exodus declares.


Stock Trader Steps Outside by Lee Slonimsky

A whistler: one
and a thrummer: two


Pythagoras’s Meaning by Lee Slonimsky

When raindrops strike the pond they ripple round,
Pi-scriptured circles perfect as his math;


Mnemosyne Meanders by Lewis Turco

Nightlark! How Mnemosyne meanders,


Cosmology by Lewis Turco

The scientists say that what is going on
Is still the Bang that first emerged from nothing,


Anatomy of a Passing Thought by Lewis Turco

They found a pickled human brain
In a buried human head


Ineluctable Blues by Lewis Turco

Well, that’s the way it is, that’s how it was,
Yes, that’s the way it is and how it was—
We heard the sun come up, we hear time buzz


Glossary of Snow by Ferral Willcox

1. tracewhist

When the snow is sudden and light and makes a bare hint of an outline on
the world, showing the world to be impure

the tracewist fell, a diagnosis, the land’s in a cancer and cannot rest, the dancer turned out of the dance to mud and rubble,…


Meditations on Snow 7: Lost Friend by Ferral Willcox

See her, under ice.  Her drink, sea glass
green, lost chalice of ice. Porcelain clink


Meditations on Snow 10: I have your moon by Ferral Willcox

I have your moon.  It rose up over snow as the last rose glow went to mist behind the mountain.  I caught it with my bow, arrowed in and reeled it to my side.  I have your moon, captive in my mind.