Table of Contents, Issue 19



Another Thing I'd Say To Becky By David Erlewine

So Far (,) Houses By Avital Gad-Cykman

The Psychology of Crime by Sandra Jensen

Our Wife By Susan Lago

Body Surfing By Ed Meek



Sleep and Waking By H.R. Coursen

For Norman Goldstein 1925-1994 By Jack Foley

LeVieux Gets the Best of His Better Sense, Caritas et Amor and The Adversary’s Adages, three poems by Alfred Nicol 


Each to each and Solitary By Hollis Robbins


Raimon De Roussillon By David R. Slavitt



Ronsard: “Quand Vous Serez Bien Vieille, Au Soir, a La Chandelle...” a translation By Jack Foley


Untitled by Carmen Váscones translated by  Alexis Levitin


Visual Arts

Paradoxes And Problems Of The Reproduction And Commodification Of Art In The Age Of The Capitalist Spectacle By Donald Kuspit



The Gawain Poet By Lewis Putnam Turco


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