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Hand painted photograph by Peter Groesbeck.

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The 2007

Per Contra Prize


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And read the new review of Mean Martin Manning by Scott Stein in Non-Fiction.


Fiction - Click Here

Fiction by Mary Estrada, Muthoni Garland, Georgi Gospodinov translated by Alexis Levitin and the Winner of the Grand Prize in the Per Contra Prize.

Poetry - Click Here

Poetry by Rosa Alice Branco with translations by Alexis Levitin, Daniel Mark Epstein, Rachel Hadas, Edward Hirsch, Harriet Levin and a translation by David R. Slavitt. 

Non-Fiction - Click Here

The Per Contra Interview with Alexis Levitin, Per Contra Reviews The Conference on Beautiful Moments by Richard Burgin, Uke Rivers Delivers by R.T. Smith and Mean Martin Manning by Scott Stein, Kay Sexton on culture and being broken and the UR-Paranormal interview with a different kind of photographer.

Music - Click Here

Joel Chadabe on the electronic music revolution of the 20th Century.

Visual Arts - Click Here

Donald Kuspit on avant-garde painting, Larry Silver on Vermeer and the Per Contra Interview with Lincoln Schatz.

Per Contra Tech - Click Here

Gone Phishing: How thieves use email to steal.

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