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Per Contra congratulates the ten winners in the 2007 Per Contra Prize short fiction competition.  We will publish all of the winning entries in the 2007-2008 editorial calendar, beginning with this issue, in which we are publishing the Grand Prize winner.  The remaining nine stories will be published in our summer, fall and winter issues.  We appreciate the time, talent and effort of every writer who submitted stories.

The winners are (In alphabetical order):

Jennifer Anthony - "Palomar"

Jennifer Byrne - "Semi-Permanent Red"

Nadine Darling - "The Circus Life"

Leonard Kress - "Engorged"

Wayne Lewis - "Metaphysics"

John Martin - "Centerpiece"

Daniel Post - "Ratface"

Lorna Smedman - "Cousins TV Repair and Antenna"

Lesley C. Weston - "Happiness Runs" and "Breakfront"


Congratulations to all.  Now, we are proud to present the Grand Prize Winner:


The 2007 Grand Prize Winner in the Per Contra Prize -

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