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Special Feature - An interview from the new edition of UR-Paranormal.

Twice Shy: One Man's Search for a Second Glimpse at the Impossible - Click Here


Book Review - Mean Martin Manning By Scott Stein - Click Here


Book Review - The Conference on Beautiful Moments by Richard Burgin - Click Here


Book Review - Uke Rivers Delivers by R.T. Smith - Click Here


Alexis Levitin, the Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin - Click Here


"Broken in Beijing" by Kay Sexton - Click Here





Let's see:


- rent

- food

- bus and subway fares

- my new watch broke

- health insurance

- one month past due on credit card bill

- now I'm out of money




- get new watch

- put kids in better school

- free up time to spend with kids


How will I make enough to get what I need?


There are many different ways to improve your financial situation.  Some are better than others.  Jobs take time away from your family, goals and interests.


Why work 80 hours a week?


Get connected to a funding source for Per Contra and learn how to free up time and money to enjoy your life-


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