"To The Janjaweed" by Tanure Ojaide


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May the fire you spread gleefully this way

scorch you and your family at the other end


may your patrons in government corridors

become dead vultures to the entire world


may the horses you ride to sack villages

throw you into vainglorious days


may the identity you hide now in scarves

be stripped by the Maker when you need cover


may those you chase out of life in these raids

turn round to pursue you out of the next life


may you have sway of night your haunt

and day reduce you to the lowest vermin


may you escape justice of Khartoum’s courts

and be condemned forever in a higher trial


may those you kill to seize their property

deny you the ultimate refuge of peace


may djinns you invoke in your despoliation

testify against you in the final judgment


may you be victim of your blood thirst

and wander without relief from paradise


may the fire seeds you sow in Darfur

consume you and your damned bands. . .



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