When the Spirit Moves - Photography by Abioseh Michael Porter


As the head of an English and Philosophy department, Abioseh Porter understands language and the communication of ideas.  As a photographer, his work conveys a sense of awe and an emotion that transcends language, and even a clear sense of ideas.  That could be a function of his favorite subject - places of worship - or an extension of the scale of his subjects (the cathedrals he captures are giant structures built over decades and expanded for centuries).  But he also has a historical eye, looking at symbols that once inspired people to dedicate their lives to a religious pursuit and, in some cases, still do.

Per Contra is proud to present a small selection of his work.  We hope that it inspires you as well.  

Canterbury Cathedral - A natural choice for a professor of English

The Alex Mosque above and a closer look at a minaret on it below.

The Nave of Lincoln Cathedral

The Bishop's Eye window at the Lincoln Cathedral, stained glass with a history that spans all the way back to the civil war in the Seventeenth Century.

Stained Glass at the Canterbury Cathedral