Note to Readers: Per Contra has taken the unusual step of running a petition to ask the United Nations to enforce Resolution 48/104.

You can read the resolution in its entirety by clicking here

You can find the petition by clicking here. 

We appreciate your support in this effort.  We will keep the petition up until we reach our goal for signatures.

Deeyah: On Her Music - Click Here

"Her music is bursting with stone cold passion and it is this same intensity she exhibits in talking about her own place in the music kingdom. She is a Muslim woman (parents born in Afghanistan) with a forward-looking mind, a bright and sophisticated rebel who sees a wrong, identifies it, and rails against it. For this, she has been ostracized and threatened. But she knows what she wants and how to go about getting it."

Deeyah: On Her Ideas - Click Here

"I am surprised at the great deal of offense taken by the birkah swimsuit scene rather than people taking offence to the maiming and killing performed in the name of religion and culture. The strong reactions Iíve received for this scene confirm the hypocrisy I wanted to highlight. Apparently skin is a bigger sin than murder in too many peopleís eyes. Another message from my critics is very clear: that violence is OK but the actual criticizing of the violence is not OK. I find that very offensive. (However, I do not plan on sending people that disagree with me death threats.)"



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