Autopsy by Jane McGuffin

The sound of the electric saw reminded me
that I had asked about cutting down branches
just on Saturday to let more light in to the
garden and that you had said a trimming saw
would do fine but I held out for the power
and you said that it should be done carefully with ropes tied around
small sections so that none of the neighbor's roofs
would be damaged.
When the saw stopped I could look back again
while Dr. Huey lifted off the top
of the skull to expose the brain
and then sliced down revealing what the
CAT scan didn't of Eleanor's cyst
and her re-grown tumor.
Well pleased, the oncologists murmured
in German and smiled.
Who was I to say, with the nurses,
that she had had a personality change
that her handsome young husband was really very nice
even though in the end he had stopped coming
and left her whining and dull?
Who was I to say her divorce didn't really matter?



Issue 2

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