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Summer 2010 - Visual Arts and Non-Fiction

Visual Arts

Paradoxes And Problems Of The Reproduction And Commodification Of Art In The Age Of The Capitalist Spectacle By Donald Kuspit

"I will argue that the technology of digital reproduction of art eliminates the necessity of experiencing it firsthand, which involves aesthetic experience of it.  The art historian Ananda Coomaraswamy calls it 'aesthetic shock,' a perceptual experience which 'shakes' us to the roots of our being, and as such is the most 'serious' perceptual experience possible."


The Gawain Poet By Lewis Putnam Turco

"We know a good deal about Chaucer, but what do we know of William Langland? How many even recognize the name of the author of the piece commonly known as Piers Plowman? When was the last time that someone other than a scholar or graduate student read the work of John Gower or of John Lydgate, both better poets than many currently studied?"