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Visual Arts

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John Langdon, the Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin With Gallery of Images

"It was a spontaneous response to a momentary situation. But I immediately tried to make ambigrams with the words HELL and GOD, and when both of them worked, I did think there was something very spiritual going on. But the next two were ARNIE and THURSDAY, if I recall correctly, which donít seem equally omenesque. Still, while not particularly heavenly, my word selection for ambigram candidates did evolve in a particularly philosophical direction. The spirit of ambigrams is, for me, a definite exercise in idealism."


Jeff Gordon, The Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin

"I was always drawing, constantly - when I was way young, I was doing portraits and figures.  They were the works of someone much more mature, older than I actually was.  I can't explain it, they were like what you call 'master' drawings and I don't have a clue how that happened, it just did.  The only books I looked at were art books and when I was maybe five or six I was always taken to visit The Metropolitan Museum and I never stopped visiting there."





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